Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Is the system hard to use?
Our systems are simple to operate. If you have any questions, our technical support staff will be glad to assist you.

2 - Is GPS really accurate?
Our maps are among the most accurate in the market. GPS receiver can locate a position within 10 Meter.

3 - What if the vehicle is outside the GSM coverage?
The Device Built in memory stores all the messages, and sends a message immediately when it's in reach of a GSM base station.

4 - When is the vehicle invisible for the GPS?
When the GPS antenna doesn't have a clear sight off the sky, and therefore cannot see the satellites. For instance if the car is in a deep underground garage or under a metal this case the device
can still send a message by GSM, and transmit the latest known position
(for instance the entrance of the garage).

5 - Can I install the equipment myself, or do I need one of your representatives to do it for me?
The Unit can be installed by any car repair center

6 - Are there any special software and or equipment needed to install equipment, and run software program for tracking?
No special software is required. All what's requires is an Internet browser and Internet connection to access the Tracking Our server.