Lebtrack is specialized in the Global Positioning System solutions in lebanon. Our mission is to drag together all the latest technology researches and studies and integrate them into high quality software solutions to offer the society an easy high tech life style.


With Lebtrack fleet tracking and management solution, you can check the entire status of your fleet live from any place anywhere in the world at anytime. In addition, we offer events’ notification, reporting, logging and security capabilities. The tracking device is compact in size making it ideal for hidden installation avoiding detection and tempering.


We offer a diversity of solutions to meet your exact needs, we may customize our system to meet your needs, our main concern is your satisfaction. Lebtrack is about security, trust, innovation and professionalism. Our clients trust us with more than their fleets and cargo – they trust us with their business, their competitive edge, their reputation and their safety. In return for investing this trust in us, we provide clients with a sense of security in the knowledge that their valuable human, fleet and cargo assets are protected.